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Fisher Stevens

Neil Diamond

Things like drama school and singing lessons could not have been further from Fisher Stevens as he grew up in Northamptonshire. As a young man from a working-class background, he expected to become a builder like his dad. Whilst that would have been a solid career path, there was something else inside this shy teenager. Somewhere inside of him, he knew that he needed to be a performer, just as Neil Diamond had experienced that need to be a songwriter. And as Neil Diamond made sacrifices to follow his dream, so did Fisher Stevens.

Despite applying himself to the building trade and working on many sites, Fisher’s dream grew too strong for him to continue. The time had come, and what seemed like an overnight decision led to Fisher selling up. He bought a van and drove to Spain to start a life as a singer. To this day, his friends and family are amazed at the chance he took, as is Fisher. “I still can’t believe I just did it. It was such a big move, and I certainly couldn’t do it now. It would be far too scary.”

After five years as a resident singer, builder, taxi driver, songwriter and lifeguard in a small resort called Roquetas de Mar in Almeria, Fisher had established himself as the jack of all trades. So, Fisher decided that a return home to start a new career was needed. Although, after years of a relaxed and almost horizontal beachcomber lifestyle, a return to the building site wasn’t an option!

A new career in sales became the next challenge, and a new-found love for our would-be performer. Settling into the ladder-climbing culture of a competitive new world, it wasn’t long before Fisher took his seat at the senior management table, working on the next industry challenges and rewards for his employer. A far cry from the easy-going beach environment of the years before!

It was 2001 when the stage came calling, invited to participate in a version of “Stars in their Eyes”, Fisher competed against many others with his new solo tribute to Neil Diamond. Over many intense heats and eliminations, he was thrilled to become the overall winner!

It was the start of a new direction for our wonderful Mr Stevens! A road that would see him travel all over the world.

“Changing career like that was a huge decision. But I was getting pretty used to changing direction by then. I could never predict where I would be, between things like performing my tribute show in Memphis during Elvis Week, flying to the Caribbean for a one-night show and even touring China for 12 weeks.”

The A Beautiful Noise show is a spectacular tribute to Neil Diamond, and we are delighted to have the one and only Fisher Stevens performing as Neil himself.

“Close your eyes and it’s like listening to Neil Diamond” - a phrase we are delighted to say we have heard many times from not only our wonderful audiences but also theatre critics!

Audiences will enjoy a first-class production with the best musicians and singers. All were carefully selected to replicate the extraordinary sound of a real Neil Diamond concert.

The A Beautiful Noise Show team, with Fisher Stevens at the helm, take the audience on an incredible journey where they experience Neil Diamond’s success, from a modest songwriter with dreams to an international star.